Monday, December 6, 2010

Get the Job Done: Krista and Scott's Wedding

Here's one of my favorite photos from Krista and Scott's Wedding. I had this image in my head as one of the shots I wanted to set up. It's typical in that a kiss behind the bride's veil is a common photo captured during a wedding. But what I was aiming for was the light from the setting sun to add warmth, dimension and that ethereal classic touch.

Of course when dealing with setting sunlight, timing is of the essence. The light is moving quickly and changes from second to second. While Krista and Scott were finishing up their receiving line after the wedding, I kept tense watch over the light fearing I wouldn't be able to get the right circumstances for the veil shot. When the sun lowered for what I thought was the last time we'd see it that night, I can't tell you the disappointment I felt.

But as the receiving line dwindled to it's last guest, the sun decided to peak out from behind a cloud for just a few more minutes. I grabbed Krista and Scott saying, "This is IT! We've got this one chance to get my shot!" After some quick positioning, I started snapping away hoping to get the image I had seen in my photographer's minds eye. A few post-processing touches later to bring out the specular highlights and voila! Can't beat the beauty of natural light. Totally worth the wait (and the worry!)

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