Monday, November 15, 2010

Get the Job Done: Mary Kay Alter Ego Sessions building steam!

From the latest Mary Kay Alter Ego Session, Etta looks lean and luscious in a fantastic snake skin coat. It's Saturday night, and she's ready to PAR----TAH! Meanwhile, Etta's alter ego is reminding brandishes her bible and reminds her to get her butt to church come Sunday morning!

All a decidedly feminine cowgirl Sherri needs is a horse and a saddle, and she's ready to gitty-up. But she totally dropped a bomb on me when she walked out of the dressing room in this regal Nefritti costume. Would anyone care for a Sherritti, shaken not stirred?

What alter ego inside of you is fighting to get out? Contact me to set up your personalized makeup session and professional photo shoot!

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