Sunday, August 7, 2011

Get the Job Done: Cheyenne Car Show Photo Booth

(Photo by Illusive Dreams Photography)

I'm blogging to you live today from the Trend Settas Car Show and Benefit for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. The show is sponsored by Liberty Storage & the Wyoming Army National Guard and is running from 10 p.m. to 4 p.m. at O'Reilly's Auto Parts, 1211 Del Range.

This is the first time that I and my colleague Jason Peckovitch of Illusive Dreams Photography have taken our photo booth concept out-of-state, from Colorado to neighboring Wyoming! We are hoping that car show participants who haven't come in contact with us before at the many Denver-area shows we frequent will generate new sales and interest in automotive photography, Jason's specialty as well as my fast turnaround editing and printing on site. Models pose with cars during a professional, on-location photo shoot with Jason. Then I edit the photos and print them on-site!

Here are the prices: $10 for 4x6, $15 for 5x7, $20 for 8x10 (all with models) Our first sale of the day was a t-shirt! But the models are hitting the participants up right now to generate a buzz so it's bound to get busy soon!

As a dog lover, I'm personally excited about being able to promote the car show's goal to raise donations for the local animal shelter. A special request has been made for the following items: non-clumping cat litter, dog and cat food, trash bags, pet toys and treats, miracle grow chemical sprayers, rack and shovel pooper scoopers etc.

Maya is one lucky dog. She was rescued two months ago from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter (Photo by Illusive Dreams Photography)

Come visit our booth!

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