Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get the Goods: Attending a Low Key Lighting Meetup Tonight!

Tonight I will be ah, attending, a low key lighting photography meetup hosted by Bill Murphy. Murphy, shown at left, is the organizer of amazingly affordable and educational Basics of Studio Lighting workshops to meet other photographers and share techniques and ideas. Check out some of Murphy's work on his Model Mayhem account.

Because I was out of the state on vacation, I was too late to RSVP for this Meetup which is limited to only about 10 attendees for more personalized attention and enough room to maneuver without having to feel like a vulture when shooting a model. For just $25, photographers get hands-on instruction, access to a model and at least two hours of shooting time at the North Denver Photography Studio in Northglenn. NDP is a facility is amazing, and I've enjoyed many shoots help there.

Tonight's low key workshop will focus on integrating shadow play into my imagery by using a one light set up as well as reflectors and fill lights. We will be going from a photo like this one displayed of this adorable child to very little illumination except rim lighting! Because I've attending Bill's previous High Key Lighting seminar, I asked him if I could just show up tonight in case anyone who had RSVPed didn't show, and he said sure!

I think I'm going to have even more fun at this Meetup considering that one of my signature looks is having subjects appear to just float in out of the darkness of a totally black, solid background. To me, it creates drama and gives the impression of capturing a moment even though you are shooting a posed portrait. I love the moodiness and darkness of low key lighting and mastering this technique instead of relying on hit and miss attempts to achieve it will be a great boon for my photography. Here is an example of one of my favorite low key photos. My images of Anne Filler was taken during my first digital photography class held at the Denver Darkroom with instructor Efrain Cruz. Cruz is now the director of Illuminate Workshops. While I love this image, I think I was lucky to have shot it being so new to photography. I want to rely on true knowledge, rather than luck, on how to capture this kind of shot, and I think tonight's workshop will give me that!

You should join this Meetup group and maybe we can shoot together!

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