Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fans, Followers and Friends Only Session Sneak Peek

Last night's quickie senior portrait session with Paul was easy and fun! It was the first time I actually thought one of my clients looked better in their dressier outfit than in their casual one. Paul just looks great in his button down shirt and vest with stylish jeans in Montbello High's colors of black, white and gray.

I love knowing that my clients are going to have a hard time choosing their photos and this 45 minute long session was no exception. Because Paul's senior portrait is due in to his school tomorrow, we opted to split his 90 minute long session into two parts -- one session held indoors primarily for the yearbook photo, and another 45 minute session to be held outdoors at a later date when it's much warmer in Denver.

Paul is the second student to choose this option. Another student I featured yesterday, Galen, was under the same tight time constraints and he is currently waiting to have the secord portion of his studio time outside.

I am allowing my "Fans, Followers and Friends" only a sneak peek at Paul's unedited proofs. These images are just about right out of camera, with the only exception of converting the RAW files into JPEG in Lightroom and exporting them to Photoshop for some noise reduction and sharpening.

Check out the link here. The password is "Lucky." Help Paul out! What photo do you think he should choose for his senior yearbook photo?

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