Sunday, December 6, 2009

Growing Pains: Shooting my first night wedding

This coming weekend, I will face one of the most challenging lighting situations so far in my photographic journey. I will be shooting a Jessaca and Nathan's winter wedding at night inside a church lit only with white Christmas lights and candles!

To further complicate matters, I and my assistants will not be allowed to shoot the actual wedding since it is against church rules to shoot the sacred ceremony. That means flash is out. However, that could be the silver lining in the cloud. We will be able to shoot several staged shots, including the bride's walk down the aisle and the kiss. I am hoping the officiant will allow us to set up some flashes for those special moments. Attending the wedding rehearsal earlier this week will give us a chance to scope things out.

My 70-200 2.8 offers the fast glass I need, while my Canon 5D's extended ISOs to 3200 and above will be a must if we can't use flash. If we can shoot from the balcony, I will definitely be using a tripod or monopod. That should allow me to drag the shutter and let in whatever ambient light may be available. I think grainy images in black and white could create a sense of romance and intimacy.

To prepare for this event, my blog this week will focus on tricky lighting tips during weddings.

I found this great thread about the exact topic on's Lighting Equipment and Techniques Forum. It is filled with wonderful suggestions to tackle this issue. I would welcome and appreciate any other suggestions my readers can give. I also read this forum thread on low light weddings that was very helpful too.

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