Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get the Job Done: Attending a Model Posing Workshop

Tonight I will be attending a workshop geared less towards lighting and more towards posing the model. Several past attendees of Bill Murphy's "Basics of Studio Lighting" Meetup mentioned they could use some help learning how to work with models and get some unique poses. So Bill is going to make a chart with basic poses for the class as well as show us how to a model through those poses. We get to take the handout with us!

The workshop still includes some shooting, so I will definitely be bringing by Canon 5D. For just $25 per person, Bill's workshops just can't be beat. So far I've attended a high key and a low key lighting meetup. I will be posting some low key images later. If you haven't discovered Bill's offerings yet, I highly recommend you do so now by joining the Meetup group. The workshop classes are small for more individualized learning, and I've already made some great new photography friends.

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