Saturday, March 20, 2010

Get the Job Done: Check out my photo in the Denver Post!

Photo by Sheba R. Wheeler, The Denver Post

A portrait shot I took of restaurateur Ifiok Etuk appeared in the Denver Post today! Etuk is the man behind "Iffy's Kitchen," an Auora nonprofit program dedicated to ending childhood hunger. Today Etuk, a 36-year-old native of Nigeria, will host the second annual Celebration of Children at his restaurant, the Hessini Roots International Cafe. The two-part event includes a free hot meal for kids during the afternoon and evening entertainment to raise money for future anti-hunger efforts. Read Kat Valentine King's article here.

This was an amazing experience for me. I got to work alongside news reporter Annette Espinoza who interviewed Etuk while I shot photos of him in his cafe. I felt like a real photojournalist. But at the same time, I felt like a portrait photographer, scanning the scene for the best possible light (which ended up being in direct light from a nearby from the window storefront) and looking for opportunities to showcase the cafe surroundings as well. I used flash bounced from the ceiling and indirect sunlight for all of the images.

I really appreciated getting feedback from my assigning editor, Elana Jefferson, on which photos she liked and which one was ultimately chosen. Her insight will help me improve my shooting whenever she needs an image again and our newspaper staff photographers aren't available for the shoot.

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