Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get the Job Done: Covering the National Brotherhood of Skiers Summit for third year in a row!

WINTER PARK -- I'm happy to share that Picture Your World Photography was hired to cover the National Brotherhood of Skiers 2010 Annual Meeting & Challenge Cup Mini Ski Summit in Winter Park!

This is the third consecutive year the studio won the contract for coverage of this event, and I'm blogging live from the media room at Winter Park Resort. With 69 clubs throughout the United States and United Kingdom, NBS members gather to raise funds for the NBS Olympic Scholarship Fund and recognize two-time Paralympian Ralph Green and former NBS Ski Team and Olympian Errol Kerr.

I started my coverage Tuesday night when I shot an exclusive Comedy Show with Cocoa Brown

Wednesday I shot the annual "Picnic on a Hill" luncheon which is basically a snow party right at the base of a ski slope! Several of the key NBS members were interviewed for a local radio and television stations, so I shot photos during the interview. I also got to take shots of members skiing down the mountain as well as others dancing and enjoying the luncheon. Lots of fun, for sure!

Here are some of my favorite photos from last year's event held in Aspen/Snowmass:

Picnic on the Hill 2009

It always fills me with pride when I run into people who remember me as the official photographer from last year. It makes me feel as though I'm definitely part of the team. Today, I will be covering the Challenge Cup races and tomorrow night, a pajama themed party. I've been driving back and forth from Denver to Winter Park to save money on housing since the drive is only about 90 minutes. I want to use the savings so I can do something I've been vowing to do since NBS members have been on my case about it: I'm going to take my first ever ski lesson! But I won't do it until all of my shooting duties are done on Saturday, you know, just in case I fall and hurt something and can no longer shoot the event!

Here's what I can expect from today's Challenge Cup Races:

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