Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Get Connected: Wishing a photography friend prosperity and happiness!

Today is the last day that my longtime friend and photo colleague Lisa Piellusch will be working her day job! Tomorrow, she is taking the leap and becoming a full time photographer with her company, Picture Your Life Photography -- something that I and so many of my readers have long dreamed of doing ourselves. I want to wish her all the best in happiness and prosperity as she realizes her dream.

I have seen her family portraiture and event business grow over the last couple of years, as our paths have been very similar. Even her company name is similar to mine! We've congratulated successes, commiserated when things didn't go as planned and shared resources to help us become the photographers we are today and we will each become in the future. I couldn't have a better supporter who continues to encourage me daily, commenting on my blog, critiquing my photos and being the best fan I think I have on Facebook. And it blows my mind that we have never met because she lives in Canada.

I'm so proud of you Lisa and all you have accomplished! Good luck and best wishes to you. I'm looking forward to you blazing this path for me and others.

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