Monday, August 30, 2010

An Aside: Which new watermark should I use?

Sometimes I admit, I'm a little slow when it comes to graphic design. After wringing my hands for more than a year trying to scrape up enough money to pay a Photoshop Guru to help me create an official business logo, I realized something. I already LOVE the one my buddy and fellow photographer Paul Martin and AM/PM Photography designed for me!

After asking dozens of clients what they thought about the design as it appears on my splash page of the world map with my pictures inside of it's continents, I was convinced that I should keep it. Everyone remarked how much they loved it. Didn't get a single negative comment! Other than my signature "Teri's Rose" image continuing to draw in new clients, the logo as it appears has become it's own brand for my company. Yes, it's true. It can be argued that it's not a traditional logo in a sense because it wouldn't work small. But I think I may have solved that problem if you can help me choose which watermark I should start using to really nail my branding.

Which one do you like more?

Option A with the watermark appearing as a white world map on a transparent background in a corner, side, bottom or top of the image.

Option B with a transparent world map outlined in black right in the center of the photo, most likely lowered in opacity so it blends in while still being able to be seen.

Option C with a white world map, placed in the center, and it's opacity lessened to help it be a little see-through?

I will hold my initial gut instinct until I hear what others think. Appreciate your help!

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