Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breaking News: Dead Motherboard!


Thank God for my Dell extended warranty! Last night, the motherboard on my Dell XPS 710 died a sudden and most unexpected death. I tried to reboot, but nothing happened, save for a steady yellow light on the power button and a continuously moving (and extremely noisy) fan. A few checks on my purchase documents showed that I am still covered under warranty until May 2011, so I called Dell and was thrilled to find out a technician will be out this Wednesday to basically give me a brand new of charge!

I will be getting a new motherboard, a new power supply and a new front panel on my tower -- something that the technician said would have cost me $1,500 to replace myself, or basically the cost of a new computer.

It may seem like a large chunk of change to add those warranty plans when you are making such a large purchase as a new computer. But it was definitely worth it for me. Even though my current photo editing orders will be delayed, my clients will benefit from a new, more efficient operating system.


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