Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Studio Home for Picture Your World Photography

On Friday, I will sign a contract to be one of the photographers participating in a new Denver co-op called Xposure Photography Studios! I'm very excited about this decision because I think it shows that my company is continuing to grow and prosper.

I have been mulling over the idea for a long time now since I started hearing client concerns about being allergic to the dog hair I have in my house. Despite my best efforts, dog hair seems to be like cigarette smoke -- it just gets everywhere no matter how you try to isolate it. My basement studio in my home has always been a doggie free area from the days when I used to rent out an apartment down there. But even then, clients allergic to the dander would start to sneeze and get teary, red eyes within 30 minutes of shooting and would not be able to make it through a full two hour session without suffering. So I began my search for a studio space that I might be able to rent out.

I have had great experiences with the North Denver Photographers Studio as well as the Studios at Southland. But I have decided to try out Xposure first because of its central Denver location not far from the well-known Santa Fe Arts District and because of it's extraordinary introductory price of just $55 a month for six hours of studio time.

I visited the site last Friday and met up with organizer Karen Aguirre who also hosts numerous Meetup shootouts for photographers looking to broaden their portfolios. As I toured the facilities, Karen and I spoke about her own background as a special events photographer and my growing specialty in the same kind of coverage. The Xposure studio is well suited for family photos, senior portraits, portfolio work, commercial product photography and many other types of photography. It also includes a classroom space as well as a presentation area for showing clients your products. Karen will feature participating photographers' work once a month or so on the studios extensive gallery wall space. And the studio has access to models, and offers it's members a chance to promote their work through inclusion in the Blush Magazine Online. Xposure is now available to anyone who wants to become a member. Check it out at 1200 West Misissippi, Denver, CO 80223 (east side entrance only)
East side entrance only.

I will still be working in my home studio -- especially for playing with new equipment. But it feels good to finally have a commercial address for my business. Thank you to all my clients for their continued support of Picture Your World Photography.

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