Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An Aside: Another photography related dream

So last night I dreamed that one of my photographer instructors, Efrain Cruz, was telling me that I tend to oversharpen my images, and that I need to cut back on all this fancy smanshy Photoshop work I've been doing! Cruz is the director of the Illuminate Photography workshops where I have taken two Photoshop courses and can't wait for Part III in the series with instructor Armando Martinez.

It's funny because one of my fears is that I DO tend to oversharpen or overdo just about everything in post processing with PS. I want to have a gentler touch but at the same time, I am just LOVING all the cool techniques I'm learning. Maybe after a while when I begin to integrate all these things into my work flow on a regular basis, I won't feel like a kid in a candy store so overwhelmed with all the possibilities that I get sick from lack of moderation.

As far as the sharpening goes, I used to use Unsharp Mask alot but I'm starting to use Smart Sharpen more (on a separate layer) because I can tweak the changes better and then change the layer's opacity if I overdo it. I can't seem to stop thinking about photography and how I can get better at it even while I'm sleeping. Is that dedication or what? Well, dedication or obsession, but when you are trying to run a business is there a difference between the two? ;)

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