Sunday, March 15, 2009

Business Briefs: NBS President Wants Me Back Next Year!

After reviewing the photos that I captured during their summit held in Snowmass/Aspen in February, the president of the National Brotherhood of Skiers verbally agreed to hire me again next year as the event's official photographer. That will make three years in the row that I have worked for the organization that finds and develops African American Olympic caliber skiers.

NBS President Haymon T. Jahi

"When people ask, I will tell them that we already have a photographer for the event," said current NBS prez Haymon T. Jahi. That's great news! And it's good to know so soon in advance as well so that I can make plans for the event which will likely be in Winter Park.

One of the reasons why I enjoy shooting this weeklong event is because of how much it challenges me both personally and professionally. Think of any difficult shooting situation you might find yourself in, and it's likely that I had to deal with those circumstances covering the NBS summit:

Shooting at high-noon against the backdrop of blazing white snow. Yep
Shooting indoors at night in barely-lit night club settings. Yep
Shooting indoors mixing flash with less than flattering tungsten lights. Yep

Talk about testing a photographer's mettle. I always walk away from the NBS events with a greater understanding of both my strengths and weaknesses as a growing photographer.

As far as personally -- well, I've lived in Colorado now for nearly 14 years and have yet to ski! I know, I know! I can hear all of my readers grumbling already, but I have to admit that I was afraid of the notion of speeding down a mountain side on two pieces of wood and metal. But covering the NBS means getting outside of that comfort zone, and I vow to take lessons next year!

Here's a shot of me wearing about 6 coats and some workout pants because I hadn't yet bought an appropriate ski gear. Hey, at least I had some waterproof Thinsulate boots! It's a work in progress, but at least next year I will have pants and a great ski jacket I purchased while in Snowmass.


Lisa P said...

I'm so excited for you. It must feel good to have people want you back again and again. :))

Sheba Wheeler said...

Hi Lisa, it does feel good to not have to worry if the organization was pleased enough with the work that they want to hire me back. I stress out so much about things like that, but now I can rest and set up the vacation time I need, etc. etc. to shoot the event.

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