Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get the Job Done: Facebook fosters sales

Yesterday while on Facebook, I posted up all 10 of the links to galleries showcasing my edited photos from the National Black Skiers 2009 Summit in Snowmass/Aspen last month. Turns out the organization has a Facebook page regularly visited by 440 members!

Just a few hours after posting up the links on the page, I got my first print sales from the event! In this instance, Facebook was definitely a great free resource for marketing my services and generating sales. I am hoping they will be the first of many more in the coming weeks as more members view the photos.

SmugMug, which hosts my business site, allows their professional users to view their sales. While reviewing the order a client placed yesterday, I noticed that she accidently chopped off several heads in the photos when she tried to crop the images to a 5x7. Once I realized her mistake, I emailed her, explained the situation and then sent her the correctly cropped images in the size she wanted. Excellent customer service is a given at Picture Your World Photography!

Wanna check out the images? Here are the links:


Lisa P said...

Congrats on the print sale. That's awesome :)

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks Lisa! I hope it will lead to more!

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