Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From My Portfolio: Community Star Awards Dinner and Concert

My evening spent shooting the first annual Community Star Awards Dinner and Concert was very fun and successful. Of course, I was exhausted afterwards. I'm still convinced I must be tapping into some part of my body that only activates when I'm shooting. I always feel like I've run a marathon, but it's because I'm on my feet constantly throughout the event trying to capture genuine moments as well as traditional portraiture. The shot above is one of my favorites from the evening. The Tivoli Student Union is filled with great rooms with wonderful architecture. Turnhalle, Room 250, is no exception. I used a wide angle lens to capture this storytelling image and dragged the shutter just a wee bit while handholding to get as much of the ambient light as possible. A pop of flash was able to illuminate the magnificent skeletal structure of the ceiling.

My client was very happy with the results. She said she thought the photos were beautiful...that's music to my ears. Here are a few more of my favorites from the evening.

The welcome booth

Greeting old friends

Prayer before dinner

Reading the program about the awardees

The Mary Louise Lee Band

Singing with the band

R&B group "Surface" perform

Overlooking the crowd

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