Friday, May 8, 2009

Get Connected: Free night photo session with Illuminate Workshops

It's been several months since my hectic work schedule has allowed me the chance to attend a free night photo session with Illuminate Workshops. The shoot is a great way to connect with other photographers and experience Denver at night. It's a good way to be introduced to the talented staff of Illuminate Workshops because several of the instructors are regular night shoot attendees, including executive director Efrain Cruz and Photoshop guru Armando Martinez. Here are some examples of a my favorite shots I took while out with my buddies in downtown Denver last year. Plus, come know you can't beat FREE!

Here are the details for the event Saturday, May 9, 2009

RSVP: If you have RSVP'd you're confirmed for tomorrow. If you have not yet called/emailed, please let us know to expect you.

Weather: 54°, 40% chance of precipitation.

Time: 8:00 pm.

Location: Illuminate Workshops/Mark Hayes Studio, 23 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO - click here for directions
Parking: you can park in the church lot just 1/4 block north of Ellsworth/Lincoln, (left lane).

Moon Phase: Moon will be one-day past Full.

We will meet in the church parking lot.
From the lot, we will walk and shoot through the alley between Lincoln and Broadway, traveling 2-blocks south to Maple Ave. I thought that this could be a good opportunity/location to play with creative flash and portraiture.
We'll cross over to Broadway and walk north getting photos of neon signs along the way, up to the Mayan Theater.

End time: 11:00-ish, depending on the group's energy level.

Notice: Not everyone will make it for the duration, in fact, depending on group-exhaustion, we may end earlier. Please note that some will become tired earlier. If you would like to end the night early, please find someone with whom you walk back to the car. Additionally, please let me know if you leave early. This helps us keep track of everyone.
Due to the nature of this outing and the number of adults attending, Illuminate Workshops cannot be responsible for your safety.

Contact Information:
During the evening we may have to keep in touch with one another, please keep my cell phone number on-hand in the event that you may need directions or get separated. Efrain Cruz (720) 324-0111.
If you haven't already, please submit your cell phone number.

What to Expect:
Our night shooting event is an opportunity for photographers to get together, meet and share in their passion. This is a community event, where anyone can be comfortable no matter what their level of experience. If you have no experience in night photography all you need is a camera, tripod, a self timer (or other shutter release for your camera), Instructors will be available for basic instruction.

Samples from previous night outings and night photography in general:

We are all looking forward a great evening. Feel free to email with any questions.

Happy Shooting,

Efrain Cruz
Illuminate Workshops
P.O. Box 6023
Denver, CO 80206



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Lisa Piellusch said...

Too bad Denver wasn't a bit closer. Free is definitely the right price and sounds like it will be fun too. Looking forward to seeing the shots you take :)

-- Lisa P.

Sheba Wheeler said...

Hi Lisa P. Unfortunately I won't be able to go since I'm at home nursing a flu-type thingy. But I wanted to let my friends know about it so they can take advantage of a great night of shooting. Sometimes it's fun and relieving just to shoot for yourself instead of worrying about pleasing a client.

Lisa Piellusch said...

It always happens that when you're set to do something for yourself, something like being sick always seems to happen. I was going to be going to a photo session in a couple of weeks (not free though), but turns out my 5 yr old has his first T-ball game of the season that same night. Gotta go to T-Ball! :) :(

Sheba Wheeler said...

I feel your pain my friend. But feel joy in the T-Ball! There will always be other photo sessions available and you will have so much fun capturing those memories of your 5 yo playing on camera. Those are the things to treasure for a lifetime.

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