Sunday, August 2, 2009

Growing Pains: More Exposure for Picture Your World!

I have been asked to display several of my photos at the Wolf Camera store in downtown Denver! A store manager there, Jessica Olesky, photographer and co-owner of Impact Images, contacted me last week and asked if I would be willing to participate in her venture to highlight the work of several photographers' whose work she knew and respected. It's a wonderful, gracious offer and I want to thank Jessica for her faith in my abilities as well as her willingness to open up a platform for other budding photographers to showcase their creativity.

Jessica said "Terri's Rose" was a given for the display. I was worried that the 20x30 I had framed would be too large. But she placed it large and in charge, in the direct front and center of the setup! I also decided to hang up this nighttime image of the South Platte and this fiesty fox that visited the backyard of a friend's wood cabin in Jefferson County.

The gallery set up at the camera store is impressive, and each image is available for sale. Before, I used to get stymied by trying to price my work until I remembered how expensive it was just to by the frame and mats, much less the print itself. Plus, I think what's even more important is the power of exposure. Even if no one buys one of my prints, having my name and work out there will hopefully keep me forefront in potential customers minds for future services if they like what they see.

If there is anything I've learned this month, it's that no matter what size your studio is, creating visibility is the only way to increase sales. Exposure can mold a company brand and drive how potential customers view your product or services. I've been greatly blessed with many opportunities to have potential customers see my product and services with an ongoing display at a local deli, Facebook ads, internet presence and most recently by hosting several photo booths -- all of which have helped me expand my reach and lure in new clients or print sales.

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Lisa Piellusch said...

I've been away and missed when you posted this. What an awesome opportunity!! Hoping you get some great exposure and new clients as a result! :))

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