Monday, August 24, 2009

Get Out There: Get your wedding photos published for free!

While thumbing through a recent edition of the "" magazine, I discovered a wonderful and FREE opportunity to help get some sorely needed advertising for my wedding photography.

" Magazine" just started printing a local Brides magazine for the Colorado area called "Brides Colorado." Every issue, they have a special section called "Real Weddings," and "Real Engagements" that highlight local nuptials and engagement stories and feature images by Colorado wedding photographers. There are easily a dozen photos showcased in each two-page spread, highlighting lovely wedding locations and vendor information, including a list of wedding photographers. Real Wedding articles are also printed online offering more exposure, while there are 16 local editions in various cities throughout the country to help get the word out about your business.

Here's an example of a "Real Wedding" shot at the Denver Botanic Gardens by photographer Suzanne Wille, A Photo Opportunity

It's free to submit photos and details about the wedding and it's a great marketing opportunity for my company to get published in a magazine. I have asked all of my newly wed and soon to be wed couples if they would vouch for me, allowing me to share the details and photos about their wedding in hopes of having my photography featured in

The response was phenomenal:
"That would be great! We would love to help you in any way!! You are so great at what you do!!" says Jessaca, who's wedding I will be covering in Dec. 2009.

"Sure, I think that would be awesome. Just let me know anything we need to do," says Krista, who's wedding I will shooting next year.

Thank you ladies for your unwaivering faith in my abilities and I haven't even shot your special day yet!

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