Thursday, January 21, 2010

From My Portfolio: Jessaca's Bridal Portraits

Over the weekend I and three other photographers shot Jessaca's bridal portrait session in my home studio. I've been editing her images this week. I found this photo so striking that I just had to post it.

I think her gorgeous eyes are really what make this image. The catch lights from my Alien Bee strobe inside a soft box and a Westcott Spiderlite TD5 lighting make her eyes pop. The expression on her face is filled with natural wonder because I took this shot while Jessaca was watching the two other photographers set up for their next photo. She was entranced by their work, and consequently was unaware I was taking this shot at the same time. Once she realized I was shooting, her expression got stiffer, more self-conscious and those shots didn't work. But this original one does. I often like to sneak in these kinds of shots while other photographers are holding a subject's attention. I think it offers a different perspective in the overall album a client might purchase from a shoot.

Here is a different take on a traditional wedding ring shot:

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