Friday, January 15, 2010

Get Out There: Your Sports Photos Wanted for a Digital Photo AcademyWebinar!

Need some national exposure of your work? Sumbit your SPORTS and FAST ACTION PHOTOGRAPHY for consideration and inclusion in a Digital Photography Academy Webinar.

Please submit your images by Feb. 10 for the webinar scheduled to run on Feb. 16.
Participants must sign up for the DPA E-Newsletter to submit an entry for inclusion in the DPA, LiHD Webinar, Online Photo Webinar Series. Go to to begin receiving the newsletter. Also, please include a phone and e-mail address in case DPA needs to contact you about your entry.

My readers will recognize DPA as the program that introduced me to one of my favorite photography instructors, Russ Burden. I have taken several DPA classes taught by Burden and his free "Instructor's Tip" appears here on my blog every Monday to get our photographic weeks off to a good start. Now's your chance to show what you've learned from Burden's instruction and have your photos get some worldwide exposure!

Each webinar is archived on the DPA site for future viewing. Here is an example of a previous webinar so you can see how your photographs will be used to enhance the free lesson hosted by one of the DPA's instructors.

If you would like to submit your photographs please review the submission requirements below. Note that webinars are edited and formatted days in advance, thus please submit your photos in advance of the webinar. Late submissions can not be added. Photographs are chosen, and edited, for their applicability to the webinar theme, artistic and technical merit, and content length.

If your photograph is NOT chosen, it will be archived and may appear in a more appropriate future webinar. Submit your photographs to

Please submit your images in the following specs:
Compressed JPEG (Level 4 or 5)
Approx size 1MB per image
200 dpi
10 inch size longest edge

Please include your name and city in the image file name as below:

Please also include brief captions including subject, location and any pertinent tech info. If it is not immediately clear from your image, for which webinar you are submitting photos, please indicate this as well.

By submitting your photographs for consideration, you grant and authorize, The Digital Photo Academy, and Panasonic, the following: The right to use your photograph(s) in the content and promotion of the webinar series, and for use on each company’s respective website. You further authorize your photograph(s) may be archived online and/or in a database, and allow unrestricted internet availability of the webinar(s) containing your photograph(s). You further authorize the use of your photograph(s) in any future webinars. By voluntarily submitting your photographs for consideration you agree to the aforementioned without any legal claims, or claims for remuneration, whatsoever. You, as the photographer, retain the copyright © of any submitted photograph(s) and proper photo credit and acknowledgement will appear with your photograph whenever possible and practical.

Good luck everyone, and remember to check back and watch the webinar to see if your photo was chosen!

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