Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: My photo to appear in upcoming magazine editions!

An email I received today just blew me away: One of my photos has a chance to appear in upcoming editions of Digital Photo, Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer magazines!

Back in August 2007, I won the Digital Photo Academy Assignment for "The Allure of Water" with this image of a little girl running through a fountain at Northfield Stapleton:

My photo along with images from other monthly DPA assignment winners were featured in a traveling exhibition in 10 museums and art galleries where DPA classes are held around the country.

And I thought that was cool!

This new development is simply amazing!

The DPA recently secured plans with Werner Publishing to feature my image in upcoming editions of Digital Photo, Digital Photo Pro, and Outdoor Photographer magazines. Six previous assignment winners' photos will appear in the magazines beginning in June congratulating each DPA assignment winner, says DPA's Mike Zeiler. Not only will the displays advertise the great work DPA is doing but expose its students' works to a world-wide audience!

What's so amazing to me is that that photo was one of THE FIRST images I ever shot with my then Canon Rebel XTi in my first digital photography class taught by Efrain Cruz when he worked at the Denver Darkroom. Since then, Efrain started his own company called Illuminate Workshops. I can't even remember what the class assignment had been...shoot outdoors, or urban photography or some such other thing. But I do remember this little girl following me around the shopping center while I was fumbling with and trying to learn how to work my new camera. I told her that if she didn't stop following me, I was gonna shoot her! She and her friends didn't stop, so I shot them while they were getting soaked in the fountains. The image was definitely a foundation for the kind of captured moments I now look for as my professional photography career has progressed. You can even see my feeble attempts at trying to burn out distracting elements (I was taking my first Photoshop class at the time too!)

The exposure opportunities that DPA continues to make available for their students is just unbelievable. If you haven't become a part of this program yet, then do so now. It continues to grow by leaps and bounds, has secured some amazing sponsors, including Panasonic Lumix, has the best teachers available and is always finding ways to get more exposure for their students. For example, students can have their work be showcased on webinars and online classes hosted by instructors for an international wide audience. Our photos appear in online galleries. And the networking possibilities are endless. DPA is available in more than 20 US cities, so there is bound to be one close to you!

This will be the second time some of my photography has been featured in a magazine. This image appeared as a full page feature photo in the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's magazine, BUGLE!

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