Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Aside: How do clients find me?

It never ceases to amaze me how new clients find my photography services given the hundreds of professional photographers they have to choose from in Colorado. I've made it a habit to ask all of my clients how they came to find my studio during our initial consultation, primarily to gauge how the success of my Google or Facebook Ad campaigns. It lets me know where I might want to beef up money for my ads or change some keywords to help make finding me easier. For instance, since most of my recent clients have found me just by typing in the words "Denver event photographer," I would want to make sure to optimize those words by having them appear all over my website or blog items so Google picks me up.

This past weekend, I shot a family reunion for The Dermers. I asked my client about how they located me and was shocked and pleased by the results. Turns out one of the family members (based out of state) was on a forum asking about photography services and how much he could expect to pay for having his reunion shot. A comment led him to a photographer directory site where I had added my studio's name to the list. He checked out my photos, liked what he saw and suggested his Colorado-based mother to contact me.

Ian found me on photography directory and persuaded his mother, Janet, to hire me.


It's good to know all that time and effort I put in to diligently adding my studio to various photography directors or even links I post to my website in photography forums can help lead a trail of bread crumbs directly to Picture Your World Photography!

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