Friday, July 30, 2010

This Weekend: Photographying my editor's child

Image by Gary Jacobson
Tomorrow, I'm very excited to be photographing by boss' daughter! Nearly two years ago, I was so disappointed when my editor went into labor the morning we had scheduled to shoot her maternity photos, but daughter Eden had different plans. Tomorrow, I will be letting Eden take the reigns again when she wanders through a golden field of sunflowers near my home. I will be using my 70-200 lens to back way off and get some candid shots of the toddler playing with the flowers.

Am I nervous to be shooting my boss's baby? Sure, a little bit. But on the other hand, Elana's continuous support and encouragement of my photography skills from the very moment I picked up my Canon XTi fills me with pride and confidence to do a good job. Eden is a lady of style, just like her Mommy, so I can't wait to see what stylish garb she will be gracing me with. Given her age, I will only be able to shoot Eden for about an hour (if I'm luck) before her attention span and willingness to cooperate disappears. But I plan to make the 30 to 45 minutes that she gives me count! The field of sunflowers is so breath-taking under a blue sky that it's also going to be where I hope to shoot several upcoming senior portrait sessions.

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