Sunday, July 18, 2010

On Location: Blogging Live from a Car Show Photo Booth

Photo by Jason Peckovitch, Editing by Sheba Wheeler

It's barely 11 a.m. and I'm already drenched with sweat. Photographer and colleague Jason Peckovitch of Illusive Dreams and I are on location at the 5150 Rise and Shine Car Show at Red and Jerry's shooting photos of models with cars, editing them and printing them on site for a minimal fee. A few weeks ago, a rainstorm and fierce winds buckled Jason's canopy, snapping the metal frame beyond use. So Jason ponied up the $200 we needed to buy a new extreme Sports Authority canopy that took four people to put together. But man was it worth the effort! The Quik Shade Summit S233 canopy is strong and sturdy with two let down thick frame walls for more shade. The aluminex-backed wall might work well for portraits too if we get anyone interested in those today.

Photo by Jason Peckovitch. Editing by Sheba Wheeler

But the main attraction will definitely be getting models to pose with vehicles in the show. We have numerous models for our clients to choose from thanks to Brody Hall and Kylea Killeen from Tempting Images who offered their own models for us to borrow in shoots today.

Here are some sample shots from previous car shows Jason and I have covered. A 5x7 costs $10 and an 8x10 is $15, plus $5 extra for a model.

Photo by Jason Peckovitch, Edited by Sheba Wheeler

Stop by and say hello! Bring water! :)

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