Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get Connected: Photographers Summer Party!

Visit Mile High Photographers

I am so excited that my hectic schedule has finally lossened up a bit so I can attend a Mile High Photographers event. The group is hosting a "Summer Kick-Off Party," tonight with appetizers, drinks, and raffle prized available from Digilabs and other sponsors.

Every one who attends will receive:

*One year FREE of web services (applies to annual fee plan
*30% off all Book Orders (ordering quantities of 1-100)

Raffle Prizes include:

*2 free coffee table books (8.5x8.5 Ashbury Books 20 pages)

*2 free calendars (12x18, 11x17 centerbound or topbound)

*2 free boxes 5x7 cards

*2 free proof magazines (8.5x11 50 sides 25 pages press printed soft cover)

This group is very active and has monthly meetings with speakers, shooting workshops, special interest groups and numerous events planned by members:

June 16 Kick-Off Party
July 21 Super-Marketing with Kristy Chenell from The Wedding Summit
August 18 Album Show and Tell
September 15 Social Networking
October 20 Family Portraits Workshop
November 17 End of Season Party

Join us and add me as your friend!

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