Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get the Job Done: My first gig as a second shooter at a wedding!

Jim Turley of SweetWater Images has asked me to be his assistant/second shooter for a wedding later this month at the gorgeous Buell Mansion, a lovely old 3-story brick mansion opposite the Cherry Creek Country Club in exclusive Cherry Hills Village. Exuding Old World class and prestige, the mansion is set on a secluded hilltop and is graced with mountain views and a grove of cottonwoods. It features multiple crossed gables and steeply pitched roofs -- all of which should make for amazing backdrops for this wedding event.

If you remember, I met Jim while taking his photography business management course offered by Illuminate Workshops last year, and he has continued to be an excellent resource for my budding photography business. I can't thank Jim enough for thinking highly enough of my abilities to grant me this opportunity. I know I have served as a lead photographer now for three events, but I have been hoping to be a second shooter so I can gain more experience and flex my creative juices without the same kind of pressure a lead photographer must take on. Jim's photography business specializes in weddings, so it will be great to see and learn from a master while at work. Plus, being a second shooter will help me learn how to give direction to anyone who assists me in future shoots.

The wedding will be held outside, if nature cooperates. My last wedding planned for outside was forced indoors when a spring rain storm hit. I will primarily be shooting, since this is a more casual, three-hour event, which is often the case when the nuptials are the 2nd marriage for both as it is with this couple. There will only be 75 guests and no bridesmaids and groomsmen, so I can focus all of my attention on them. Then the reception will be held inside the mansion proper. Jim hopes the contacts gained from this event may lead to work for future high-end clients, which is a must, at least I believe, if I ever hope to do photography full time.

Jim often uses a video light, so I will get some experience holding that source for him and learning how he uses it. All of the images will be mine to keep for my portfolio. Jim has asked for 100 of my best images without post production, which he will do to maintain a consistent product look. I am looking forward to such a great event and proud to be included.

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