Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Get Out There: Hosting my first vendor booth for my photography

My client from Auraria campus emailed me yesterday about a great opportunity: A local Walmart in my neighbohrood is hosting the 1st Annual Diversity and Outreach Fair, and fair participants can set up a booth or table for FREE!

My contact is going to refer my event coverage services to Walmart, which could be an amazing resource in itself if I can could connected with such a large company. But I have often considered hosting a booth during one of the many festivals that are held in Denver to market my photography services, and it would be nice to have my first experience with something like this in my own neighborhood where I can meet people who shop at the same Walmart I shop at! Plus, I might not be facing nearly as much competition nor will I have to worry about paying the exhorberent exhibitor fees that are common with other festivals in the city.

I've been toying with an idea: What if I get an assistant to help me set up for a quick portrait, shoot people who want their photos taken and print them out on the spot for immediate payment? Do you think something like that would work or am I aiming too high?

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