Monday, November 17, 2008

Get the Goods: I Need a New Printer!

This weekend, my Dell 966 All in One Printer crapped out on me. Of course it died just one year after I purchased it! It keeps jamming every time I try to print something. Dell customer service couldn't wait to offer me a bright and shiny new wireless printer that supposedly works better than the one I got pushed into buying during their previous hard sell. Perhaps it could be repaired, but it might cost me as much to fix it as it would to buy a new one. All kind of curse words!

No deal! Needless to say, I'm in a market for a new, more durable printer. Thank God I have that Kodak ESP 3 I blogged about last week. It may not have the photo print quality I prefer, but it is more than capable of serving me for basic printing needs while I save up for a professional photo printer.

After consulting with some of my photography buddies, I'm thinking I will stick with Canon and budget for a Canon Pixma Pro 9500.

Here's on overview of what it has:
"With 10 full-time color pigment inks, advanced new software, camera-direct printing of contact sheets, and support for fine art papers up to 13"x19", it's the new standard for creating your own professional images.

For photographers that need high-contrast or beautifully reproduced colors, photographers need look no further than the PIXMA Pro9500. Its 10-color pigment ink system includes gray, black and matte black cartridges that collectively produce monochrome photographs of unrivaled quality on both fine art paper and glossy photo paper. With pigment ink, photographers will enjoy incredibly smooth gradations and can create long-lasting prints that resist the damaging effects of light for up to 100 years."

Sounds good to me...but I need to get more gigs if I hope to afford that nearly $900 price tag! If you have a different printer that you use and get great results from, please leave me a message. I'm open to new ideas.


gcmandrake said...

I currently use a Canon PIXMA iP4000 which, hardly pro quality, does output a nice print. I've never had issues with it at all. The reviews that I've seen of the Pro9500 printer are typically very good. However, most of the digital photographers that I've studied or worked with seem to favor the Epson Pro 3800. I guess its a matter of how much $ you have to spend. I took a Printing Class from Nat Coalson at the Denver Darkroom some time ago. It was a very good class on printing from Photoshop: calibration and profiles. Are you doing any calibration?

Sheba Wheeler said...

Nope, I haven't done any calibration yet, but I know it's a good idea to do so.

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