Saturday, November 22, 2008

This Weekend: Moving My Home Studio to the Basement

This weekend, I plan to take advantage of some down time in between assignments. I've been battling a terrible cold for the past week and it doesn't seem to want to let me go. So I'm going to take it easy and let my tired mind, body and eyes rest.

Come Monday, I will be back to work again -- this time photographing Auraria Higher Education Center staff. I've got a plan to take environmental type portraits of each staff member in their class rooms instead of making them pose for me in studio.

Until then, the only real project I have is to move my home studio down into my basement. Now that I'm finally alone in my house (I used to have three roommates), I have tons of space and I want to be able to fit it to my current lifestyle needs. I think the finished basement would be the perfect location for my home studio because it will be much easier for me to control the light.

I will take advantage of those white walls in the basement as well, using them as a a gallery for my larger prints. I do have one worry though...will all the lights and technology in use down there cause my circuit to trip? The basement doesn't have nearly enough power down, can't run the washer and dryer at the same time as a hair dryer in the bathroom. Maybe it's time for me to get a separate circuit breaker panel just for the basement.

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