Friday, November 28, 2008

This Weekend: Shooting business portraits, a maternity and boudoir session and promotional shots

This weekend is going to be another busy one with photography assignments running Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

I kick off the weekend with a maternity session for my daytime gig boss, a Denver Post features editor. Throughout the week, my boss had I have been discussing her favorite poses and the kind of shots she's interested in having. She prefers black and white photography, so it will be my first session dealing with only black and white imagery. To prepare for my shoot, I picked up some tips showcasing black and white photo's ability to:

1) accentuate the depth of the photograph
2) heighten emotional content
3) transform everyday captures into works of art
4) produce a clean, crisp look
5) make a dingy or overcast look into a striking photo

I think black and white will give my boss' photos a timelessness she will value for all time as she prepares to welcome her first baby, Edie (short for Eden), into the world.

On Sunday, I will shoot another set of artistic boudoir shots for a client who wants to send an elegant, sensual treat to her husband serving in the war overseas. She said her hubby and his buddies are always ogling the women featured in Maxim magazine. I told her we could beat that!

I want to personally and publically thank Efrain Cruz, director of Illuminate Workshops, for allowing me this opportunity to shoot this session. When the client, a student of Efrain's, emailed him asking for a referral to a photographer who specialized in boudoir shots, Efrain gave the client my name and business website, as well as the name and contact information for another local female photographer. I've blogged before about Efrain's generosity in providing business opportunities for his photography students, including the fact that Efrain helped me nail my first photography assignment a year ago. It's these beginning and nurturing these kind of relationships that I think have made all the difference in my fledgling business's success.

So, I emailed the client, providing a link to some of my boudoir samples and a note about my holiday special featuring a one-hour photo shoot for $75. I got a response a few minutes after, and she will be working with me on Sunday. Efrain asked if I knew why the client chose me over the other equally talented referral he shared. My only guess is that I contacted the client promptly and that I made sure she knew about her chance to take advantage of my holiday special.

Finally, on Monday, I will be shooting business portraits for staff on the Auraria campus. Last Monday, I had to cancel an appointment due to a terrible cold that still doesn't want to let go of me. I guess if you are going to be loved by something, it might as well be a virus! ;) I am hoping to shoot environmental type portraits of the professors and staff members working in their offices or classrooms instead of doing studio-type work.

And later that evening, I will be shooting some promotional photos for an all-girls dance troupe. Guess there is no rest for the wicked! Wish me luck!

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