Monday, February 9, 2009

An Aside: Great Intentions

As it turned out, I was so exhausted that I only did one of the three things I was hoping to accomplish this weekend. My maternity session client was a no-show, so I waited for an hour and then promptly went back to bed. The next day, I overslept again and didn't wake up in time for the photographers luncheon with Mile High Photographer members, so I will have make time for another meet and greet with this group at some other point. But thankfully, I made it to the David X. Tejada session arranged by the Colorado Strobists Flickr group! It was wonderful and I will post up some great tips and philosophies I gained from Tejada later this week.

During dinner, I asked Tejada if he was ever as tired as I seem to always be after an assignment. Somehow I had been thinking there must be something wrong with me. After an immense immediate high I get from shooting, I then feel drained and exhausted for a day or so afterward. Tejada, and other photographers who attended the dinner, all said they feel the same way. We must be using a different part of the brain as well as different muscle groups in our bodies when we shoot. When I'm on assignment, I am totally focused on trying to get the shots that both I and my client have agreed are the most important images to capture that event, and I wonder if I even tense up my body to try to stay alert. I know during the last week in Snowmass, I was pretty much on my feet for several hours at a time "working" a room, constantly moving from different angles to shoot new perspectives. Add the weight of my Canon 5D with a battery grip, as well as my 70-200 or my 16-35, flash, Gary Fong diffuser and Stroboframe and it's almost like a workout with resistance!

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