Thursday, February 12, 2009

Breaking News: I Booked Back to Back Weddings!

This week I booked my first two weddings of the season....but I just found out last night that they are happening on the same weekend!

On Monday, I met with Julie H. and her future parents-in-law to iron out details and sign a contract for her wedding happening on May 23. It was a great meeting, and I could tell that Julie and her future in-laws had done some research about the kind of images they wanted. Julie had initially wanted a quickie, cost-effective wedding where I and an assistant would be shooting for just two hours, focusing on the 45 minute ceremony and portraits of the family and wedding parties. Julie didn't even want her luncheon reception photographed.

But I think the consultation went so well that Julie and her in-laws decided to book a four-hour time slot (at double the rate) so they could have more time to get the images they wanted without feeling rushed. Julie prefers natural, candid images while her fiancee loves creative post processing with selective coloring and artistic uses of shallow depth of field. The mother-in-law wants a large panoramic photo showcasing the church. And their main concern was making sure that if something happened and I couldn't shoot the wedding that I can access to equally talented photographers who could step in.

I've asked Julie to allow me to take shots during her wedding rehearsal because I think everyone will be more relaxed and comfortable, which should lead to some great candid shots. I walked away from the meeting feeling very excited.

Then last night, I had a consultation with Harriet and Peter N., a young couple from Kenya. Some of their main concerns included customizing a wedding package to fit their needs (minus the photo coffee table book, 4x6 proofs and DVD slideshow). Peter just wants the images on CD so he can have fun creating books, calendars, etc. for family members and friends. Harriet told me about a horror story suffered by one of her relatives when a wedding photographer took nearly a year before he gave photos to her cousin. So she was pleased to know that I guaranteed they would be receiving my images within a month (and I even aim for two weeks, but that might be difficult this time since I'm shooting two weddings in the same weekend.)

Because they are paying for my exclusive Ruby Package, Harriet and Peter got to choose a free engagement session as well. Peter wants some shots outdoors while Harriet wants them in studio, so we are still working out those details. :)

Plus, this couple wants more coverage, meaning a photographer for the bride, another photog for the groom and a third photog waiting at the church to take pics of guests arriving? How am I going to afford potentially two extra assistants? And WOW...two back to back weddings? How will I find the energy to pull that off?

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Mark Hayes said...

As for the three assistants, remember you probably only need one of them for an hour or two. That might make it easier to find someone who is willing to do a few hours cheap. Never hurts to ask.

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