Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get the Job Done: My Image in a Traveling Exhibit

Starting this Friday, one of my images will be on display at the Working with Artist Gallery in Lakewood as part of the Digital Photo Academy's First Annual traveling exhibit sponsored by Panasonic and MPIX.

Beginning in August 2007, Digital Photo Academy students were invited to submit photos based on different monthly themes, including classic topics such as sunrises, fall foliage and landscapes.

I won the August 2007 assignment, "The Allure of Water" with this image of a young girl running through fountains at the Northfield Stapleton shopping center in Denver. Now those winning entries by myself and eleven other DPA students are being featured in a traveling exhibition in 10 of the museums and art galleries where DPA classes are held each month around the country.

Since Feb. 4, the exhibit has been held in Phoenix, Detroit, San Diego and Cleveland.
This week, from Feb. 13 through Feb. 19, the photos will be on display in Bethesda, Boston, Dallas, my hometown of Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago. Here is the schedule:

Working With Artists Gallery in Denver on Friday, February 13 - Thursday, February 19. Opening night party on Saturday, February 14.

Image Mechanics Gallery in Los Angeles on Friday, February 13 - Thursday, February 19. Opening night party on Saturday, February 14.

Ron Gould Studios Gallery in Chicago on Friday, February 13 - Thursday, February 19.

I'm still having trouble believing that something I photographed as part of my first ever digital photography class with Denver Darkroom has been viewed by people across the United States! What a great way to have some of your work be accessible to a larger viewing public.

Plus, it's not too late to submit an entry for January 2009's topic: NEW BEGINNINGS. Entries should be uploaded by Friday, Feb. 20th. And remember, the winner who is selected will be part of the DPA's 2nd annual 12 Assignment images that will be on display in museums, galleries and studios in 2010.

If you happen to make it to any of the other cities to see the display, drop me a line at shebawheeler@picture-yourworld.com and tell me about your experience! I would love to hear from you.

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