Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Weekend: Maternity Session, Photographers Lunch and a Night wiith Corporate Photographer David Tejada

No rest for the weary! I just made it home from Aspen/Snowmass yesterday evening after an exhausting week covering the 36th National Brotherhood of Skiers summit. I was so tired I woke up in my own bed confused and not knowing where I was! During the drive back to Denver, I had to take a break at a rest stop, sleeping in my car for an hour, because I was worried about dozing off on the road. Well, I hope that cat nap gave me my second, third and fourth wind because on top of all the photos I will be editing from the NBS event, this weekend is going to be busy and productive as well!

Saturday afternoon, I am scheduled to shoot a maternity session. My earlier planned session was rescheduled due to my illness, so I'm looking forward to finally being able to shoot one of these.

Then Sunday afternoon, I am having lunch with the Femme Photographie group from Mile High Photographers group I recently joined. This social group was created for female photographers who shoot weddings. The luncheon will be the group's first official meet-up, and I'm very excited about being able to socialize and learn from other female photographers, as the industry is very male dominated.

Sunday afternoon, I will be joining several Mile High DPS and Colorado Strobists members for an Evening with Colorado-based Corporate photographer David Tejada. Tejada has been featured numerous times on the Strobist site for his excellent work with small strobes. Check out some of Tejada's photos here. For only $10 (payment for studio rental space at the North Denver Photography Studio.

Topics to include:

* Slide shows of projects and discussion of how he got the images.
* Review of his shot designs and their setups with some studio
* His use of small strobes - less is more, no need for big fancy
* Tips on starting and running a business in photography.
* Q&A

David's Background and Bio:

David Tejada has been shooting professionally for 25 years, specializing in location work for corporate annual reports and other business collateral material. David has been featured several times on the Strobist website as well as national publications as PDN and Rangefinder Magazine. If you are unfamiliar with David's work, check out his blog. He also has over 20 videos posted at YouTube of assignments he has shot and other informational videos.

David will be sharing his work, discussing location corporate assignments and sharing lighting tips and techniques he uses on assignment. He will show attendees how he uses "Small Strobes, for Big Results." Plenty of time for Q&A, tips on starting and running a business.

David teachs lighting workshops here in Denver as well as at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in NM, Maine Photographic in Rockport, and is a Mentor for the Popular Photography "Mentor Series"

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