Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ansel Adams!

Today marks the 107th anniversary of Ansel Adams' birth. According to Calumet Photographic, Adams was a "seminal landscape photographer, who's devotion to craft and conservation bolstered both the photographic art form and the nation's landscapes themselves." Adams is know for his breathtaking landscapes, while his life's work placed him in a coveted club of professional photographers who have mountains named after them.

Take this time to reflect on your own landscape photography and your vision of a natural environment. Since I focus most of my effort on portraiture and event coverage, landscape photography is a creative outlet that gives me a chance to take it easy and learn new techniques without the pressure of having to please a client. I especially love shooting water and being around water.

As I did last year, I intend to spend my birthday alone in some city I've never been too before, with my camera in hand because I like the way I "see" the world through my lens. Last year it was north to Rifle Falls; this year I plan to head south to the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings. Taking that time to relish the sunlight, blue skies and wildlife was so refreshing for me. What does landscape photography mean for you?


Rob said...

I didn't know it was his birthday today! Thanks. I almost didn't go take photos today but something compelled me to. Ansel could take beter photographs than me with a Walmart disposable, yet I get no greater joy than photographing a yet un discovered(to me) bird!
Kep up the good work!!!!

Sheba Wheeler said...

I'm glad you were inspire, and I hope you got some great shots.

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