Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Aside: 2008 Photography Pulitzers Awarded

Seven-year-old Sonson Pierre sits in knee deep mud outside his family’s flooded home in Gonaives, Haiti, Sept. 4, 2008, days after several storms including Tropical Storm Hannah hit the country. (AP Photo/Miami Herald, Patrick Farrell)

Pulitzer Prizes were awarded last week. The Denver Post's "Captured" photoblog showcased images from the winner of The Breaking News Photography Pulitzer awarded Patrick Farrell of the Miami Herald for his coverage of the victims of disastrous storms in Haiti in 2008 and the Pulitzer for Feature Photography went to Damon Winter of the New York Times for his coverage of the 2008 Presidential Election. Damon Winter’s images can be viewed at The New York Times Website. Below are Farrell’s images from Haiti. He visited the island four times in 2008 and was on the island as Hurricane Ike came ashore.

There is no doubt that these photos are fantastic and filled with the emotion of moment in which they were taken. Draw inspiration Farrell's amazing images but be warned: some of the are extremely troubling to see. I can only hope to one day be able to capture the same kind of humanity and timelessness in my own portraiture as I continue to grow in my craft.


pressure vessels said...

nice photo. black and white photography really fascinates me and with this capture, you really captured the emotion. Very nice! I hope I can be this good someday.

nice blog!


Sheba Wheeler said...

Hi pressure vessels. Thanks for commenting on my blog. But I have to let you know that I didn't take that amazing black and white shot of the youngster. Mr. Farrell, whom I blogged about receiving the Pulitzer, captured that image. I too hope I can be that good someday too!

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