Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get Out There: Promoting boudoir as the perfect wedding gift

For the last month or so, I've been doing some research on boudoir photography and whether or not I should create a specialty focusing on only that type of portraiture. I initially created a new website hosted by Smug Mug featuring only my boudoir images, but it wasn't long before I realized just how taxing it would be to try to maintain two separate business sites. Plus, I wasn't convinced (just yet) that there was a solid market just for those kind of images. I decided to place it back into my main website with the main gallery placed inside a new category labeled Glamour-Fashion (basically pairing the nude, lingerie and implied nude shots with those of my model glamour shots.) That took care of some issues that had been raised by colleagues that the images, though tasteful, might be offensive to some clients.

A little more research helped me discover that boudoir photography is also becoming more popular as a service offered to brides by wedding photographers. So now my boudouir imagery is being promoted among my wedding packages!

If I start to get more interest in this type of imagery, I may consider doing what Jim Kennedy did when he created the For His Eyes Only site linked to his main wedding studio page. Be sure to check back on May 1 for a great boudoir session discount I will be running in honor of the wedding season! Hopefully it's gonna knock your socks, pants and shirt off too! ;)

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