Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get the Goods: Russ Burden announces special May/June photography classes

Image by Russ Burden

By now all of my readers should recognize the award winning work and photography instruction shared by one of my favorite teachers Russ Burden. Russ's "Instructor's Tips" shared here on Monday's continually challenges to take our photography to the next level. Here's a chance to experience his unique perspectives first hand by attending several special classes he will be teaching in May and June for the Panasonic Digital Photo Academy.

Each class will be limited to only 10 students giving Russ the chance to give individual attention to each of the participants. As a former class attendee of several of his courses myself, I can personally vouch for his unique ability to make sure you get something out of his courses -- probably a skill set he gained from his 30-year tenure as a former public school teacher. He has worked as a professional photographer for nearly 10 years and his excitement and love of the craft is infectious, plus he's one of the best Photoshop guru's I've had the pleasure of meeting. Get the goods by taking one of his classes:

Saturday May 2nd: Beginner: The Ins and Outs of a Digital Point and Shoot. Learn how to better use your digital point and shoot camera: 9:00AM - Noon (I recommend you take the Composition and Technique class immediately following for a half day of photographic learning and bliss)

Saturday May 2nd: Composition and Technique - NEWLY INTRODUCED CLASS FOR 2009 Learn how to make better pictures regardless of your level of ability! 12:30PM - 2:30PM

Monday May 4th: Intermediate Class: The Ins and Outs of a Digital SLR. Learn how to better use your digital SLR: 6:00-10:00PM Think about taking the Composition and Technique class on the 2nd to be able to better apply what you glean from this class.

Saturday June 20th: Advanced Class, first of its kind: This Advanced class will differ from all the others he's taught as it focuses on a four hour shoot at the Denver Zoo followed by the rest of the day optimizing our photos in Photoshop back at my studio. The emphasis of photographing the indoor exhibits will be on the use of flash. Many people have asked Russ to do a workshop on the subject so here's your chance to get in on the fun.

Registration is not yet open for this class but it's definitely on the "official" schedule, and Russ will conduct the session. If you know for sure you want to participate, send me an email, and he will create a list on a first come first serve basis. Russ will let you know toward the end of April when it's officially posted on the DPA site at which time you can formally register for the class. Visit the site and then click where it says, "Click For Exciting Details About The Special Class Shoot."

After reading each class description on the website, if you're still not sure what level class is appropriate for you, feel free to give Russ a call so he can best guide you into the one from which you'd most benefit. Please make sure you sign up with Russ.

Here is his contact information:

Russ Burden

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