Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get the Job Done: Subtle Changes, Big Customer Impact

Since I'm still plugging away on the new redesign of my website and blog, I took advantage of some subtle marketing strategies suggested by photographer and business manager Jim Turley. Jim runs Sweet Water Images and teaches a "Passion + Profits" business management course at Illuminate Workshops.

Jim suggested that I delete the references related to up-front deposits in my Service/Fees. Jim says to handle those kind of conversations during the consultation and contract signing when/if someone wants to book you. The way I had it, stating that a deposit had to be made to secure the session, comes off as a negative first impression among clients. Instead, Jim suggests to aim for "pulling people in" with what you DO offer, and then deal with the terms once your prospect is interested.

Jim thought it would be better if I downplayed the price by putting it at the bottom. He uses a smaller font to lesson the impact on the eye. In such trying financial times when many still view photography as a luxury item, it makes sense to me that you want to convince the potential client of the quality of what you are offering before learning the cost. Although Jim didn't suggest this, I changed out the wording from "cost" to "investment" to push home the fact that this is something to be cherished well into the future.

Placing my "contact me" email link at the end is another subtle way of helping prospective clients see what you offering and then take the next step of contacting you. Jim says he's not reinventing the wheel here, folks, all of this is "just more natural" ways of fostering a more positive first impression.

If you want to learn more knowledgeable nuggets like these and you either living in or planning on visiting the Denver-metro area, take a class with Jim. The next one is scheduled for April 22. I've taken this course and the information Jim shares to help you workout that all-so important business plan is essential to the success of your company!

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Lisa Piellusch said...

Thanks for posting this! Some useful info as I'm always wanting to tweak my site and information.

-- Lisa P.

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