Sunday, April 12, 2009

Growing Pains: 20 Tips Every Business Should Know

Quickbook Intuit's website offers a great list of the "20 Tips Every Business Should Know" to its customers to help them create a more efficient and profitable company. I wanted to begin offering this resource on my blog every Sunday in the "Growing Pains" post till we make it through all of them. Here is the next tip in the series:


Studies show that it's cheaper to create a repeat customer than to bring in a new one. Here are some tips to get your customers begging for more:

Incentives: Everyone likes freebies. Offer repeat buyers discounts or free gifts.

Communication: Keep your customers loyal by sending a monthly email newsletter or direct mail sales flyers.

Customer Service: If you treat customers well, they will come back. Always be courteous, and make an effort to learn your customers' names so that you can use them while interacting.

Yesterday, I think I got some of the best show of repeat customer approval ever. My nephew's birthday cake was decorated with the very picture I posted up on my blog yesterday! The hostess, my nephew's grandmother said to me "I hope you don't mind." Are you kidding me!!!! That was AWESOME and some of the coolest advertising ever. Everyone who saw (and ate a slice) of that delicious cake saw the cute pic I took of my nephew. Plus, me wondering around with my camera at the party and having Grandpa say "I've got a Professional Photographer taking pictures for me" was amazing show of support and encouragement for my business.

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