Friday, October 23, 2009

Facebook Fan winners choose their free 8x10 digital downloads!

Alexa and Ian have chosen their free 8x10 digital downloads! Those two lucky fans of the Picture Your World Photography Facebook Page were randomly selected to pick one favorite image from my Cityscapes, Landscapes and Flora and Fauna website galleries. Garnering 200 Facebook fans triggered the drawing. The next free giveaway will happen once I reach 300 fans!

Ian's pick of this cute little chick I found nesting in a bush in front of my house really took me back. This was one of the first images I ever took with my then brand new 75-300 Canon lens two years ago. Studying this photo again after all that time has helped me see just how far I've come. Back then, I wasn't even really sure how I got that image because I was still trying to figure out basic photo concepts including shallow depth of field, isolating a subject and framing, not to mention how the heck that lens worked anyway. Since then, I've not only grown technically as a photographer, but I've focused my business on what I do best -- shooting portraiture and special events. This little feathered guy hasn't seen much action among viewers. So it was fun to have Ian chose this one.

Meanwhile, Alexa's pick is one of my personal favs. This shot of the Platte River in downtown Denver was one of my first captures ever taken at night. I and several others were attending a free night shootout coordinated by Efrain Cruz's Illuminate Workshops. I remember the evening well because it was also one of the first times I had to force myself to use my tripod to steady long exposures. My friend Tiffany Trott and others were laughing at me because I didn't even know how to attach my camera to the tripod, and spent most of the night fearing the camera would fall off, crashing to the ground. Yep, fun times!

It's good to know I've progressed, and I'm proud to be sharing these images with two studio supporters. Become one of my Facebook fans today to be eligible for future giveaways, photography session discounts and fans-only specials.

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