Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get the Goods: Amy-Rose King Photography selling her personal workflow Photoshop actions!

"Taste the Rainbow action plus Eye Pop."

The secret is out! Amazing portrait photography Amy-Rose King is selling her coveted work flow actions as a set! They'll be on sale through October for $100 then going up to the regular price of $125 after that.

Click on her product page here or visit her home page for more information.

Just press "play" and have access too the following actions:

Taste the Rainbow - color pop
Make it Lovely - skin softening
Make 'em Shine - eye sharpening
Make it Clear - sharpening
Select the focus - blur
Make some Romance - blur
Feel no pain dodging and burning
Make it look good on the web - color profile
Black and White
Black and White with a touch of Chocolate
Web size image wide (4x6 print size)
Web size image tall (4x6 print size)
Quick border
Make some style 1 - portrait contrast
Make some style 2 - portrait contrast
Reminds me of the good ol' days
If ya like it like that - lomo
Just a dab'll do ya - skin softening
Lens blur
White softening
Blueberry Patch
Pot of Gold
After the Rain
Sneaky Leprechaun

For some examples click here:

My blog readers know I've been, I mean, admiring Amy-Rose's work for a long time now, as I receive email updates from her blog showcases wonderful work she's done for clients as well as lovely photos she takes of her own children and family. ZIn July 2008, I wrote a blogpost about how refreshing her transparency was as a professional photographer as well as her willingness to share techniques to newbies like me who are still developing our own style of imagery storytelling. This set of actions is yet another example of how Amy-Rose's can help you be a better photographer too! Get your hands on these goods, for sure!

Amy, if you are reading this post, I would love to see what you would come up with to enhance this photo using some of your actions:

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