Saturday, October 24, 2009

This Weekend: A little bit of editing

Unedited proof from Galen's senior portrait session

This weekend, I'm looking forward to taking it easy. I've got no photography sessions to shoot and just a little bit of editing to do. And it's a good thing too because things have been so busy that I've run out of clean clothes and my dirty dishes piled up in the sink are threatening to kill themselves unless I clean them soon.

One of my photography buddies is having a surprise birthday party, so I'm looking forward to making it to that. I so rarely get to just hang out with my colleagues, and I think it's important to be able to get together, have fun and try our damnedest NOT to talk about work or photography. Fat chance, I'm sure!

I've got just one senior portrait to edit from a recent session I had with Galen. His photo is due to his school by the end of the month, so we spent some time in studio getting that shot. Then we will take part two of his session outdoors.

Wanna get a sneak peak of Galen's studio session? Check out his unedited proofs in this gallery. The password is "Prairie View" Galen wants number 48 for his senior pic while his mother prefers number 51. It's kinda funny how the act of choosing a senior portrait often becomes a push for independence among high school seniors who want to have control over how they are portrayed in their class yearbook. Galen's mother gave in and told me to edit number 48, but I will definitely edit number 51 just for her.

Here's Galen's pick: Number 48

Here's his mom's pick: Number 51

In the proofing process, I don't do much more than sharpen, fix white balance issues and cull for keepers. So these images are pretty much right out of camera save for a few that I just couldn't help but do some quickie edits like these favorites from Galen's session:

As part of a special discount I'm running on senior portraits, I'm offering a quickie session that nets clients a one hour photo session, two 8x10s, four 5x7s and a sheet of wallets for just $150. The senior photo session is pretty much over since photos are often due to the yearbook staff by Oct. 31. But if you've got more time to get your photos turned in and need to hirer a photog, take advantage of this discounted session by booking me today!

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