Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get the Goods: Attending a free lighting webinar

I'm excited about "attending" a free tricky lighting webinar with guest speaker John Bentham. It's one of a continued series hosted by the Digital Photo Academy and Panasonic LivingInHD.com. There's still space, so if you want to check it out too then go to this link to register right now. It starts at 8 p.m. EST

LivinginHD.com brings you advice and tips from Digital Photo Academy professional photographers across the country that will help you take better pictures. Learn about color, lighting, motion, landscapes, portraits, pets, digital manipulation, camera settings and more!

I've taken several classes with the DPA; in fact, it's how I met Russ Burden. He was my DPA Denver-based instructor!

© Allen Birnbach

Here's the literature from the webinar:

Have you ever encountered the frutrations of observing a picture perfect setting without the knowledge or tools to recreate it in your photograph? You are not alone and learning to deal with that is a right of passage for every photographer worth his or her salt. The challenging situations and examples of capturing accurate lighting conditions are unending and Webinar Narrator, John Benthem, will draw from the vast experience offered by the 60 Digital Photo Academy Instructors. He will show the captivating images, from around the world and offer insights on how the photographer achieved the effect and provide technique on how you might use the strategies in your own photos as well.

© Vasna Wilson

Hope to "see" you there tonight! If you were unable to view any of the past webinars, check the DPA site out under "Instructor Tips" on the home page to view the archived webinars which are labeled as such in the drop down menu.

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