Sunday, October 11, 2009

Growing Pains: Marketing Strategy Tips from Sarah Petty

I have been collecting daily marketing tips from boutique studio photographer Sarah Petty since her company, "The Joy of Marketing," hosted the Master Photographers' Telesummit Marketing series last month. I thought I would pass them along to my followers and reread them myself to help the knowledge sink in. Here's your first tip. And look for more every Sunday here on my blog until we reach number 10!

1) CREATE A STRONG IDENTITY: One of the main reasons that small businesses, specifically photography businesses, aren't growing is that their identity lacks focus. Every successful business starts with a great logo and identity. If you're using more than one logo, it's counterproductive! You can't build a brand if you don't have a strong identity. And a strong identity starts with a great logo.

Listen to 5 tips for creating a great logo here.


Sarah Petty said...

Hey thanks so much for sharing this! We are working on some new free content for our site for next year. Hope you can check it out! Love your blog:-)

Sheba Wheeler said...

Thanks Sarah. Those bite sized pieces of education are definitely easier to digest....or sip in relation to you Cafe Joy.

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