Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get Connected: Facebook targets advocates for your business

I have been doing a lot of research on how to utilize Facebook for growing my photography studio. Now, I have a first-hand experience about how amazing Facebook can be for creating advocates for your business. It's so simple, you just might smack yourself. When people on Facebook become Fans of your company, they also become its advocates. Think of gaining Facebook friends or business fans the same way you think of increasing your email subscriber base to help build your network.

I got a message from Jenn, a friend on Facebook, wondering how I knew her best friend Alexa? Turns out Alexa became a Fan of my studio Facebook page because her best friend Jenn did. Just by coincidence, Alexa actually won a free 8x10 digital download of one of my cityscape photos during a randomly generated drawing from among my Fans List.

Unbeknownst to Jenn, she became an advocate for my business. When she interacts with my Facebook Page, stories linking to my page go to her friends via the News Feed. As these fans interact on my Page, News Feed keeps driving word-of-mouth to a wider circle of friends. And I think this instance is a great example of the fact that new Fans are more likely to become a fan of a page if they see their friends have already signed up for it too. It's one of the reasons I have more than 200 fans since creating my page a few months ago. Your friends also become advocates because an ad will show up on their page saying for "Jenn is a Fan of Picture Your World Photography," for example, enticing their friends to join as well. Plus when someone becomes a fan of your page, your updates on the page show up on their wall giving additional exposure.

For more exposure, set up an advertising campaign for your page with Facebook Ads paying for clicks or impressions showcasing your page to targeted audiences on Facebook. So far I've successfully run several ad campaigns on Facebook, paying no more than a set amount per day for running my ad.


Primary Work at Home said...

I love using facebook and it is very helpful in my business.

Sheba Wheeler said...

what other ways have you been using Facebook? I would love to hear any new ideas.

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