Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get the Job Done: Google ad scores again!

One of my ads that appeared on a Google page search netted me another client! I'm still only now beginning to understand the power of SEO and improving my studio's visibility on the internet. But it looks like what little I've done has helped a tremendous amount.

Peggy, my client, called me earlier this week to book a boudoir session for next month. During our initial consultation, I asked her to explain to me how she found me. She said she did a Google search for "photographers in Denver." That pulled up a long, unwanted list of wedding photographers. She modified her search, typing in "glamour shots." That's when my Google Adwords ad appeared on the right hand side of the screen as one of the sponsored links. My company's name piqued her interest...and the rest was history!

For my current Adwords campaign, I spend no more than $1 a day for automatic placements of my ad on a Google search based on specific keywords typed in by potential clients. I've spent less than $10 on advertising since I opened my Adwords account on Oct. 22, and I've secured two clients who found me solely after completing a search online. It takes some time to be able to choose an appropriate budget amount and eligible keywords that will help increase the times your ad will appear online and the likelihood of someone clicking it. But Adwords gives you plenty of recommendations and a handy keyword generator list to give you a leg up! As my earnings increase, I'll start increasing my ad budget.

If you haven't started an ad campaign for your business on Google yet, what are you waiting for? It works!


Lisa Piellusch said...

Nice to hear that these types of advertisement work :) Once I'm ready to start looking into paid advertising options I'll have to pick your brain.

CARLO said...

I wanna pick it now. What key words you use in your ad? I'm in l.a. so its tough! But yours might be the right combo for any market.

Visionary Realty News said...

I logged into to gmail now so - yes, i am interested in yoiur key words. :)

Sheba Wheeler said...

OK, I'm gonna write a post about it this week. Mostly, I've been using the Adwords Keyword tool builder and having it tell me what words have been more useful than others. For example, "Denver photographer" gets tons of more hits than "Denver photography." I'm learning as I go.

Sheba Wheeler said...
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