Thursday, November 19, 2009

Get the Goods: SmugMug Packages and Coupons finally on the way!

SmugMug's chief marketing guru Jeff Jochum confirmed that packages and coupons are in "final tests now." He admitted that it was a "major fail" that the features promised two years ago have not come to fruition. Yeah! I knew my good ole' SmugMug would come through!

Jochum made the announcement last night during Denver's first SMUG. He said it was the second largest group behind Orange County, and I know several other folks that were planning to show up but couldn't make it.
As the local company rep, Jochum said he wants to make our area SMUGS be business oriented, and completely focused on how to make money at photography. To that end, he spent the evening challenging us to take on "photo" fusion for sale product and indirect marketing. Fusion is video that can include stills and sound.

I've been playing around with creating slideshows with Animoto, but I have yet to make an actual video with my camera. I did find out last night that apparently my G9 has high resolution video capture -- a feature I've never used. The presentation showcasing videos such as this one created by Bebb Studios was incredibly inspiring and made me imagine how I might tell my own client's stories through video.

"Still photography is great, but sound and video imagery can evoke emotion," Jochum says.

Check out Vincent LaForet's Nocturne shot entirely with a prototype Canon EOS 1D Mark IV:


Mark Hayes said...

Wish I could have made it. Good to hear about the coupons - that's the main reason that sent me to Zenfolio for some of my hosting - it was a major fail on Smuggy's part.

Fusion. Awesome stuff and it's going to be a part of the future so either be ready for it, or be prepared to catch up to those that where ready.

It's easy to start simple. Grab a few motion clips in low pressure moments. A few setup shots, a few dance shots at a reception.

During my recent Vail wedding I used two 3 second clips of the reception party and used them in my Animoto video, bride LOVED it.

Sheba Wheeler said...

I just purchased a 3 month pass to Animoto, and I'm learning how to use it now. What did you use to capture those video clips Mark?

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